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Welcome to GebCo

A company that has built itself, from the ground, up providing second to none, world-class products, serviced and delivered by a team of highly talented and dedicated individuals. GebCo perpetually strives towards an eventual goal of a significantly greener future and have always taken a pro-green stance, hereby engineering relevant and economical environmental solutions that maintain a constant upkeep of innovation.

Our principles promote factors such as Earth conservation, environmentally friendly lifestyle and business practices, and sustainable use of natural resources. We also support environmentally friendly manufacturers and organisations, as well as eco-friendly products.

Organics, Compost & Fertilizers

We are a multi-skilled team who have embraced an ever changing economic platform. We remain focused on our core business values of providing the highest quality products at market related prices, and we endeavour to deliver with service efficiency. We do so with a smile and remain focused on what our customers’ needs really are.

Our ultimate goal is to achieve a universal green consciousness which nurtures and cherishes our precious environment.

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To protect the industry from collapse should water restrictions be imposed in the future.

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Be responsible in the way we educate users on better utilisation of water and energy. Water is a precious and ever becoming scarce resource. Using irrigation, organics or inorganic’s, rain harvesting, water tanks and pumps.

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To take advantage of advancements in technology that are readily available and so much more efficient in its application and installation process.

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Be pro-active in heading the warnings about imminent future water and natural resource shortages.

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Potable water and Earths natural resources could quite soon become extremely expensive and scarce, as has been to the case with electricity.

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Water and our Earth is life…  without it we have serious problems to contend with.

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